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Summer in Bormio

a different summer
16 Feb

In the summer

Summer in  Bormio

Summer in Bormio: simply find a different rhythm of living … walking in the nature. You can’t get bored.
Alta Valtellina is one unique Group, but has thousands of faces.

Games of lights and shades that make the landscape various and singular, the enchanting blue sky where the tops of marvellous mountains stand, unmistakable sileces, broken only by the call of the animals that reign in this habitat. the magic world of the mountains can overpass every imagination and give sensation of an infinite freedom: choose your emotion !

open the curtains: Valtellina the heart of Alps.

Summer program of the Alpine Guides in Alta Valtellina

Choose among the many proposals, define dinamically the strating point and the arrival one of your way or  choose the passing points and the stages just cliking on a map
– more than  5.000 pictures of many elemetns along the way
– 3.000 culturally and socially important points

– Excursion organized till 3.000 mt
– Three skilifts open also in summer
– Visit and tasting by the Valtellinese wineries
– cooking, riding and embroidery courses
– Relax and wellness inthe three Spa centres
– Visit  at the botanic garden and at the mineralogic Museum in Bormio
– Excursion to St Moritz by the Bernina Express
– Shopping in the duty free area in Livigno
– fishing at the Cancano lakes, ice ring
– Photografic Trekking  in the Stelvio National Park
– Trekking riding donkeys

At your arrival, you’ll get the welcome card for free. This service card gives many  facilities for the above activities, and will gve you the chance to have free transport means from one place to the other.

….some ideas for an active holiday

Times and prices of the cablelifts and the teleferics: tops never so close
Discovering Livigno: visits at  the llama and the calves farm
Bike Park Le Motte:  freeride paths, play and craft area, skilift
Larix Park Livigno: Flying plant adventure

and beside
Print our itineraries… we help you from the beginning till the end
Have fun with your children … riding on the donkeys
Going aroundin Valtellina … “more” walking and excursions
Shelters and “malghe” … Alpi Retiche, Orobie Valtellina and Engadina







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