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being in there it's a different thing
4 Dec

Hotel del Cardo

Hotel in Bormio

Bormio (Burmi valtellinese dialect, Worms in Veltlin in German) is an Italian City Council of 4113 inhabitants in the Province in Sondrio, in Lombardia, located in Alta Valtellina, where many touristic structure are. Hotel del Cardo is one of these.

Located in the Stelvio National Park, it is a nice touristic site, both in summer and in winter , in the Alps, and has hosted the Skiing World Championships in 1985 and 2005.

It is part of the “Comunità montana Alta Valtellina”.

Our Hotel is located in Valdidentro, and it is easy to explain why the most of our guests come Always back in our “home”, effectively…. “to be in…is the most important thing”
The art of wellcoming and  the enchanting nature taht surrounds us make the place be nice and relaxing, an unforgettable hotel.

hotel bormioOur philosophy is very simple: to offer our guests  a relaxing Holiday in strict contact with the nature in a habitat full of lovely warmth.

Oiur two key words: quality and passoin for hospitality..

It’ll be a great pleasure for us to guest and to walk beside you during all your holiday.

Trabucchi Anselmo, Annunciata, Sara and all thestaff.

hotel  in bormio






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