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26 Apr

The Huskies are nearly back

The Huskies are nearly back to full strength following a number of injuries incurred in their most recent series versus these same Regals in late January.Goalie Brad Gustafson remains a game time decision with a finger injury, meaning Dawson City native Daniel Naef may draw into the lineup for the first time, coach Mike Tuton told the Star.Starter JJGainsforth is expected to get the lion’s share of the workload between the pipes.Slick forward Joe Densmore is attending university in Victoria and also remains a game time decision due to mid term exams, while leading scorer Derek Klassen will miss the final two games of the series due to coaching commitments with the Whitehorse Minor Hockey Association.However, coach Tuton said his younger brother Jared Tuton will be back to patrol the blue line while former pro forward Kevin Petovello will return from a groin injury.Defenceman Kaleb Dawe is also expected to return to the lineup after missing the last series.”It’s going to be a battle, but I’ve got a lot of faith in our boys,” coach Tuton said yesterday. “I’ve believed in these guys since Day 1.”Since training camp, we’ve built a deep team, and we’ve got the right guys to fill in if other guys can’t go. I think we’ve got the players to do it.”Tuton lauded players like Naef, Mike Arnold and Daniel Cletheroe who have never wavered in their commitment to the team, despite limited playing time.While the Huskies’ confidence has never wavered, the Regals will provide a stiff test with a beefed up roster that includes four former pro players as well as Adam Nugent Hopkins, the older brother of Edmonton Oilers star forwardThe Huskies split their January series with the Regals to finish their season with a record of 4 2.The team held a practice at Takhini Arena last night.Tuton said the team is ready to go.”These guys are hockey players and they know what’s on the line,” he said.”We’ve been waiting a year for this series, ever since that three week bus ride home from Fort St.

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